Don’t forget your happy pills!

I’m on “Happy Pills” and they make me function like a normal woman and not like a banshee from outer space. It’s really important that I remember to take them every day, because the banshee likes to turn up at random moments and usually, it’s around the time I’ve got important things to do, like call my husband or attend job interviews. Thankfully for prospective interviewers, the banshee hasn’t actually turned up at an interview, she just likes to sit in my head and make me doubt my self-worth whilst I’m on my way to the building, because she’s such a nice banshee like that.

On Tuesday last week, I lost my packet. I thought I had left it in the fruit bowl, but my Mum had moved them into my handbag because she didn’t want to confuse them with her tablets (which are not happy ones – she is already happy enough). So as they say, out of sight, out of mind – I just plain forgot to take my tablets for three whole days.

I never like to admit that my husband is right – but I have to admit, my husband is right. When I don’t take my tablets, bad things happen. Like how I couldn’t sleep properly for two days and even now I still can’t get to sleep until late in the night. Getting the shakes is fun too, especially when they’re combined with that nervous sensation in my stomach that signals an imminent anxiety attack.

So I’ve re-set the diary reminder in my phone for 9am every day and I’m not ignoring it this time – my pills are on my side table and there’s a bottle of water there too. No excuses!

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  1. Bee said:

    I am bad for remembering to take tablets, too. Really bad. I was also on happy pills for a loooong time (borderline personality disorder and dysthmia). I function fine without them these days, thankfully one less lot of pills I can forget to take! And I tried all these different tricks, like setting the alarm on my phone, leaving notes everywhere, etc. Nothing worked!

    • Jade said:

      I wish I could remember to take them – it’s how many days later and I’m still forgetting them here and there! My best reminder is the Husband, even though he’s a bit of a nag 🙂

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