Wordless Wednesday: The Tree.

Playing Wordless Wednesday with Trish and linking up with Thea’s Christmas Tree linky.
  1. Wow, it is just stunning!!
    Love the feathery ornament.

    Thanks so much for linking. 🙂

    • Jade said:

      Thank you, Thea! I’m so glad you like it 🙂 The feathery ornaments are my favorite on the tree.

  2. nadzicle said:

    It’s all gorgeous. I could never decorate quite as nicely, haha. The pictures you took probably make it look even better. Love the feathers and the reindeer. =]

    • Jade said:

      Thanks! My Mum is the decorating guru, I just put them where she told me to!

    • Jade said:

      Thanks Sonia! It’s my Mum’s tree so I can’t take much credit for it, but I certainly think it looks great for a black, white & silver tree 🙂

  3. Tamara said:

    Lovely tree. Great house to put it in too

    • Jade said:

      Thanks Tamara! I wish I could say this was my house, but no, it’s my parents place where I’m staying for a while.

  4. Bee said:

    What a stylish tree! Looks like something out of Myer or similar. Very nice pics 🙂

  5. This is your mum’s tree? A-mazing. I thought trees like that existing only in home magazines! Hope things start to feel a bit more Xmas-y for you soon.
    And thanks so much for the link-back to my blog on your “I love” page! Your blog looks amazing btw. I don’t even have an “about” page yet, I’m tech-challenged. Sassbee is giving me a makeover soon though, can’t wait!

    • Jade said:

      Hi Sarah! Yes, this is my Mum’s tree. She’s very much into her tree being up with the latest fashions! Can’t wait to see your blog after it’s little makeover 🙂

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