If you were to look at me, your first impression would be that I looked like any normal girl in London. I’m in my late twenties, I’m married and I’m saving for a house of my own. I work in the Financial industry and I have since I left school. I love fashion and can usually be found with a copy of Vogue in my handbag. I spend too much money on shoes and I should really give up smoking. I drink vodka, lime and soda but I’m partial to cider too.

In December 2010, I was officially diagnosed with severe depression after suffering for many years. I have struggled for the last twelve months to combat this depression using a combination of therapy and anti-depressants. I have extremely low self esteem and a history of self-harm. I managed to hide the true self for many years until the struggle became too much to bear.

I decided to write a diary of my experiences with depression after realizing that I wasn’t alone. I wanted to share the positive outcome at the end of the tunnel and my journey towards happiness.

If you have any questions what so ever in regards to my site or about depression or if you just need a friendly voice to talk to, please email me – agirlwithcurl{@}gmail{.}com.


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